Natural intelligence is more superior than Artificial intelligence and here’s why:

World's first Psychologist, Wilhelm Wundt. Source: Google

While artificial intelligence utilises insights from different factors such as Psychology, computer science, philosophy and many other science-based fields. Human intelligence is made up solely from the ability of the mind, this can be done through past experiences, common sense and the environment. Intelligence from a human mind provides seven different factors- all of which are helpful such as observations.

Surprisingly, the human brain process speed is 1,000,000 trillion operations per second whereas the CPU’s speed is 93,000 trillion operations per second. A little shocking, right?

While artificial intelligence has its advantages such as: The execution speed, a computer executes an input faster than a human could. Computers are also less biased as they do not have their own opinions- or do they? Statistically speaking, artificial intelligence has more leverage in many tasks such as monotonous judgments.

When it comes to natural intelligence, humans are better at decision making as humans use past experiences to help whereas computers do not have the skill to use past experiences. Humans intelligence comes from the human themselves- making decisions themselves (in most cases). Whereas, computers can not simply do that as scientists create their intelligence research-based. When if comes to being creative, natural intelligence is by far more useful than artificial intelligence… Humans have the capacity to create something new with creativity whereas computers physically cannot- they’re programmed in specific ways and they can only do things that exist, like a book they can only recall information.

Human intelligence is based on the life of a human- their experiences and such. Thus resulting in many functions overall in their lives. Artificial intelligence is embedded for specific tasks, thus their capability for other tasks may not be as high as natural intelligence.

When it comes to the future, there are still changing factors and many of which we cannot be too sure about. Therefore, natural intelligence is tremendously important as with multiple skills combined- which computers cannot have- the 21st century is a safer world. Some may argue that as, computers are made to mimic humans they would be omniscient… computers only know how much they’ve been made to know.

Artificial intelligence is a field trying to create computers in a way that they can mimic humans, why make computers mimic humans if we weren’t superior? Therefore, no matter how much a computer can mimic a human- natural intelligence will be superior, we are always learning new things about the human mind.