Bicycle Riding Robot

                 This robot can ride as like Humanes . the  robot  rides a bicycle using the same techniques that a human does developed by japanese roboticist masahiko yamaguchi .


 Fire Fighting robots

          There is amazing robot to fight with the fire. it is most usefull for fire fight humanes.  Robotic firefighting systems are designed with certain tasks in mind. These include analyzing and locating fires, conducting search and rescue, monitoring hazardous variables and the primary task of fire control and suppression.Fixed firefighting robotic systems, like automatic fire sprinklers and alarms, are used in heavily populated and hazardous areas for rapidly extinguishing any threat. These are usually simpler systems relying mostly on UV or IR sensors and, as the name suggests, are fixed. this robot can controled by manual  and remote control.

 Musician robots

        robot developed by researchers at Georgia Tech has a knack for music that would have made Beethoven jealous. Shimon is robot that composes and plays his own beats.He uses a process called deep neural learning along with artificial intelligence to decode different genres of music eventually creating his own chimes on the marimba.