Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, is one of the most beautiful looking planets, as evidenced by this image acquired by the Juno spacecraft. NASA released a stunning photograph of Jupiter's storms on Sunday.

The image depicts storms on Jupiter in blue and white. They emerge in enormous spinning patterns with undulating patterns appearing between the circles, according to NASA, and were captured by the Juno spacecraft during its 43rd flyby of Jupiter over the planet's North Pole in July 2022.

"The improved colour of this image was created by a scientist, Brian Swift, as part of the Jovian Vortex Hunter project, which assists researchers in studying the planet's atmosphere and requires no special training or gear," NASA stated in the caption.

The picture, which was shared just a few hours ago, has already received over one million likes, with internet users sharing their thoughts on it.

Your head may spin as a result of Jupiter's tremendous storms, which may reach heights of more than 50 kilometres and span distances of hundreds of miles. You may read the caption included above the image for complete details.

People from all around the world commented on the photograph, saying things like, "This picture is magnificent," and "I am in love with Jupiter." Of course, photographs appear good from the outside, but try to visualise yourself within the storm on the largest planet. You are aware of what will unfold, don't you?