By any chance if you are looking for any javascript concepts, please go through the following links.

I have attended many interviews when transitioning from one company to other company. There are set of common react questions that are asked in the interviews on L1/base/beginner/foundation level , you are expected to answer them in the initial stage of screening.

Following are the questions that I was asked during my interviews but going through these or mugging up these question and answers DOESN’T make you a “developer”. So, I haven’t posted any sort of answer down here.

Go through them understand the concepts, play with the code, become a developer and crack the interviews.

There is no particular order that I am writing. So, please go through all of them.

React interview questions 2022

  1. What is DOM and how are they different from eachother?
  2. What are synthetic events in React?
  3. Lifecycle of a React component and it’s phases
  4. React hooks like useState, useReducer, useEffect, useRef, useLayoutEffect, and useMemo.
  5. Why there was a need to introduce the hooks in the react and how are things handled before introducing the hooks?
  6. What are lifecycle methods in the class component?
  7. React Memo
  8. What are difference between Memo and useMemo?
  9. How to prevent child component from re-rendering when there is no change in the child component in react?
  10. What is useImperativeHandle and useCallback?
  11. What is the order in which hooks are called? mainly useLayoutEffect and useEffect.
  12. What is pros and cons of using arrow functions?
  13. What are error boundaries?
  14. What are custom hooks and their rules? In which case we need to go with custom hook?
  15. What are High Order Component and what is the use case of it?
  16. In how many ways can we style in react?
  17. Optimizing techniques in React.
  18. How to pass data between parent and child and sibling components
  19. What is redux and what pattern does it follow?
  20. What are the other patterns and other alternatives for the redux?
  21. What is middleware and their use cases?
  22. How to perform async actions in redux?
  23. Going further, I will also be writing on the vue and CSS combined.

Please let me know classic questions that I missed but asked in your interviews.